The Adventist University of Africa uses cutting-edge virtual conferencing platform to host its fourth theological seminary conference

The Adventist University of Africa is set to host its fourth theological seminary conference using the latest in virtual events technology. The conference, to be held from 22nd to 25th September 2021, is being organized in response to the critical membership loss faced by the church despite its statistical growth. It is felt that it is high time for scholars to collaborate and contribute to the church’s core mission of disciple-making which deserves an in-depth exploration from a biblical, historical, and missiological perspective.

It is in light of this much-needed collaboration that the Adventist University of Africa sought to be a technological leader by using cutting-edge technology as far as hosting virtual events is concerned. Although the attendees will not be able to meet face to face, the platform promises deep attendee engagement and a rich online experience. 

It will feature an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface as well as a downloadable mobile app for use on mobile devices. In addition, attendees will be able to interact with conference speakers through built-in live sessions where one can have real-time activities and content in event sessions. To add to that, the platform will recreate an in-person event experience with meeting rooms for one-on-one private meetings. Furthermore, audience engagement will be facilitated through live chats, event feeds, and virtual meetings. The platform will also provide sponsors and exhibitors with a unique virtual booth space to display their products and services. To help build meaningful experience, the virtual event will have break-out sessions rooms where attendees can choose which research paper presentation or event track to attend.

And best of all, the entire event will be free of charge! Simply go to to register. We hope to see you there and to hear your thoughts and ideas on how the church can carry forward its Christ-given mission to make disciples in all the world.

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