The Adventist University of Africa is very proud of each and every of its alumni. The past years of AUA’s existence have produced men and women of excellence and  integrity who are serving our beloved continent and the world at large.

AUA’s alma mater have pledged to:

  • commit themselves to uphold the ideals of the Adventist University of Africa and reflect its teachings;
  • serve to humanity with diligence and contribute to make other youth in Africa benefit from Christian education;
  • keep the flame of the University burning by rendering their


In the year 2018, the Adventist University of Africa Alumni Association (AUAAA) was formed to help oversee the alumni matters. For better organization, would be formed and the country Chapters would be called Adventist University of Africa Alumni Association (AUAAA) - Country Name.


All alumni of Adventist University of Africa qualify to be members of the AUAAA, and they will be ushered into the association on their graduation day by the AUA Alumni committee Chairperson or representative. An alumnus is defined as an individual who has earned a degree approved by the University’s Senate.

Alumni and Friends

Contributions and support is welcome from friends of the University and alumni who may not necessarily be graduates of the University.

Alumni Activities

  1. Organization and formation of Country Chapters. Alumni Country Coordinators are requested to share the minutes of the same together with the names of the assigned officers: Coordinator, Associate Coordinator and Secretary/Treasurer – keep minutes of the meeting.
  2. Meet as alumni at least twice a year either electronically or physically. Remember to record minutes
  3. Keep regular communication with Chapter members
  4. Pay a minimum membership fee of at least USD 10
  5. Send Letter of Intent to the University (AUA)
  6. Promote and market the University and its programs. BE AUA’s extension
  7. Coordinate:
    • o A local Alumni Weekend at least annually to enhance networking among alumni with an enrichment program
    • A continental Alumni Weekend
  8. Share AUA News within a circle of influence

Proposed Alumni Projects

Possible projects that Country Chapters may support:

  • Scholarship: sponsor at least one student from their respective countries or help current AUA students who are financially challenged
  • Fundraise for a building and physical development of the University
  • Sponsor a Book/Library Project

Alumni Volunteer Coordinators

    • AUAAA – Angola: Domingos Suquina
    • AUAAA – Botswana: Simankane Tapologo
    • AUAAA – Cameroon: Richard Tchanaca Hendjena
    • AUAAA – Kenya: Gerald Mochoge
    • AUAAA – Nigeria: Goodluck Okezie
    • AUAAA – South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Zambia: Moses Muyunda
    • AUAAA – Zimbabwe: Joshua Muzira