Ogah Christopher Osimhe

I am highly indebted to God for giving me the underserved privilege to study at AUA. The impact this uncommon privilege has had on my life and ministry cannot be quantified or overemphasized. My years at AUA brought me closer to Jesus and effectively equipped me further for His service.
It was during this study that I learnt to dig more deeply into the scriptures, and truly understood what contextualization was. It helped to enhance my preaching skills, increased my leadership ability, and gave me a new understanding of the Adventist Mission and the vision to reach this desired, heavenly mandate mission of the SDA church as seen in Matthew 28:18-20 and Revelation 14:6-12.

At the time of this writing, Dr Ogah was the Executive Secretary, Ekiti Conference of SDA Church.

Nigeria Class of 2017

Ogah Christopher Osimhe | Doctor of Ministry

Thandazile Dube

This program shaped, sharpened and developed my leadership skills. AUA program prepares leaders including women to occupy leadership positions with confidence. Personally, the program improved my professionalism, increased my efficiency and effectiveness as a leader. As a result, I learnt that leading with the head and heart was crucial in leadership. Being people-oriented was one of the concepts that particularly intrigued me. I have emerged as self-starter who works well with others and believe in teamwork. I have come to appreciate the role leadership plays in shaping any organization and how everything “rises and falls on leadership”. Much appreciation goes to AUA Leadership Gurus and AUA family at large for grooming me to be such a leader that I am.

Zimbabwe, Class of 2020

Thandazile Dube | MA Leadership

Ogechi Ogbonna

My decision to study Master of Arts in Leadership at AUA was one of the best choices I ever made in my academic and career life. The learning research under the AUA Team laid a solid foundation for excellence performance in my Project Management doctoral dissertation at the next level. I always wish I could go back to each and every AUA mentor to say “Thank You.” The serene learning environment, emphasis on spiritual growth, rich curriculum, and holistic approach to student development is second to none.

PhD, FCIB Nigeria

Ogechi Ogbonna | MA Leadership


I profoundly value the influence of the MABTS program studies at AUA. My years at AUA helped me to be very courageous, determined, and persevering. These values equipped me for the Mission of Jesus in my country. It was at AUA that I learned how to do a Historical and Grammatical Study of the biblical text (exegesis), how to do Academic Research, how to reach African
Traditional Religious persons, and so much more!

At the time of this writing Pr Obed was a Lecturer Pastor, Adventist University Cosendai (Cameroon

Cameroon Class of 2019

Obed DJALINE MOSSO | MA Biblical and Theological Studies

Caroline Rita

I appreciate and value how the Adventist University of Africa Biblical and Theological Studies has positively impacted my life and ministry. The years I spent at AUA have brought me closer to God and highly equipped me for service in my ministry. I have learnt how to dig deeply, understand and teach the Scripture better than before I came to AUA. This is helping me in preaching and leading my church members closer to God, and so much more. Long Live AUA.

At the time of this writing, Pr Caroline was the District Pastor, Seventh-day Adventist Church – Migosi District.

Kenya Class of 2020

Caroline Rita | MA Biblical and Theological Studies

Priscah Chileya

The Adventist University of Africa (AUA) has been a great place for growth in all aspects of my life. I have grown spiritually, academically and socially. I have experienced true leadership through caring professors whose main concerns are my wellbeing and success in my academic journey. The diverse student body has taught me how to work and relate cross-culturally. AUA has equipped me with practical leadership skills through participation in the School of Postgraduate Studies Board as a student representative. The University has extremely committed professors who are always ready to help. I am glad I chose AUA!

Student, PhD in Leadership

Priscah Chileya | PhD Leadership

Patsy Adams

As a Nurse Manager and Regulator, the Master of Public Health program from AUA has empowered me with the knowledge and experience necessary to provide individuals and communities with the facts and tools they need to live healthy and safe. The perfect combination of technical and spiritual studies gives me the opportunity to make a valuable and positive difference in peoples’ lives.

AUA has given me a professional and social lifestyle that exhibits a promotion of healthy existence, awareness creation, risk factors identification of diseases and medical options available for the people as a key constituent of daily living. Pursuant to this, I gladly look forward to starting my PHD in Epidemiology!!

Class of 2018

Patsy Adams | Master of Public Health

Sammy Idowu

As a Security Systems Technical advisor, I feel that I gained a strong background in my field through the Masters in Applied Computer Science (Cyber Security Option) program at the Adventist University of Africa. Our professors from different parts of the world (some currently in the industry) brought with them a wealth of practical knowledge from which they always found ways to draw Christian principles. I also appreciate the flexibility of the program which enabled those of us with day jobs to study at night. For anyone contemplating joining the MSc. Applied Computer Science program, I highly recommend.

Class of 2021

Sammy Idowu | Master of Science Applied Computer Science

Sikhumbuzo Dube

In 2015, I joined the Master of Chaplaincy program specializing in Healthcare Chaplaincy. What an amazing experience I had. Adventist University of Africa (AUA) has a high quality of graduate education that is a foundation for both academic excellence and professional relevance. The classroom experience is coloured by all the beautiful shades from the African continent thus making learning a rich cultural exchange encounter. The teachers bring in a wealth of experience from their fields of expertise. I have learnt to contribute to the academic world through publications and conference presentations. I am a grateful AUA graduate.

2019 Graduating Class

Sikhumbuzo Dube | Master of Chaplaincy

Pako E. Mokgwane

I thank the “Fathers” on whom the Spirit impressed them with the AUA idea. For several years we walked in AUA’s corridors exchanging social fiber, sharing progressive ministerial ideas, and breaking the kola nut. AUA brought together colleagues and professionals from the continent of Africa and beyond. The coming together of several nations under one roof provided a space for multi-cultural interaction, which precipitated a place of emotional intelligence development. The development of these two factors, emotional intelligence and multi-cultural interactional, has prepared me for leadership on the global stage. I am, therefore, truly grateful for the AUA experience.

At the time of this writing, Pako was the Associate Youth Director, General Conference of SDA

Botswana Class of 2022

Pako E. Mokgwane | PhD in Leadership

Goodluck Okezie

Acceptance, Usefulness, Achievement (AUA).

AUA accepted me the way I was, made me useful and sent me away to achieve for God and for humanity.

In my PhD Leadership program at AUA, I met:

  • A collegial administration and faculty
  • A conducive academic environment
  • Acceptance without criticism and judgment without acrimony
  • A church that was spiritually fulfilling, in teaching, worship, participation and practice

My one regret at graduation, I wished I never had to graduate from AUA. Being a student of AUA is an experience that should never end.

I am much more trusting, faithful and dependent on God.

Nigeria Class of 2022

Goodluck Okezie | PhD in Leadership

Mochoge Gerald Nyarega

Several things stand out at the Adventist University of Africa: A skilled faculty who give their best not only to equip but mentor students for the best, a favorable ambiance for study and stay, several institutions within the advent hill living together in harmony, an environment that favors one’s spiritual growth, colleagues from across the continent and the globe that share their rich cultural background to mention but a few. I feel my stay at AUA was short though a blessing and I make every effort to ask as many to join AUA fraternity to gain a godly training for better service to society.

Kenya Class of 2017

Mochoge Gerald Nyarega | Doctor of Ministry

Dickens Miko

I was privileged to study at the Adventist University of Africa (AUA), both for my Masters and Doctor of Ministry degrees. My worldview changed when I met the humble and dedicated professors at AUA; whose keenest attentions were geared towards ministry development. They urged students to be academic thinkers and not mere consumers. Consequently, I have been able to publish a title: So You Are Single (2020), and two others are in their final stages at the press: “The Bravest Son of Kenya,” and “The Sabbath and the New Normal.”

Kenya Class of 2017

Dickens Miko | Doctor of Ministry

Elijah Ogembo

It was at AUA that I reached the cutting edge climax of pastoral calmness in stormy church administration. I am perennially grateful for experienced ministers and academicians who shared their life experience with us in the program. I have waded through conflicts with ease after the DMin studies. Fellow pastors have testified of a significant change in my ministry and lifestyle that every minister strives towards. I wholeheartedly recommend AUA DMin experience for everyone who desires unparalleled professional training. A mix of qualified academic and experienced pastoral background of professors guiding the program in a contextually based study will lead to corporate growth in the Adventist church.

Kenya Class of 2017

Elijah Ogembo | Doctor of Ministry

Josephat Hamoonga

My years at AUA while doing a Masters and Doctorate program brought me closer to Jesus, and effectively equipped me for doing great exploits.  It was at AUA that I learned how to do journaling so as to feed my scholarly mind with deep spiritual gems of  scripture, and needy to develop African writers. Skills obtained from AUA has made my work easy and enjoyable. I greatly value the irreversible impact the Adventist University Africa study programs contributed to my inner spiritual life and practical ministry.

At the time of this writing, Josephat was the Ministerial, Possibility Ministries and Personal Ministries Director, Southern Zambia Union Conference                   

Zambia Class of 2017

Josephat Hamoonga | Doctor of Ministry

Thamsanqa Ndlovu

Adventist University of Africa provided a unique and valuable learning experience for me. The doctoral program was rigorous yet achievable. Professors were knowledgeable and caring, leading to my success in the classroom and professional growth. My fellow students were a joy to be with, I still share ministry experiences with most of them. This University environment qualitatively improved my ministry principally, AUA’s emphasis on integrity and Christlikeness positively impacted my prayer life and concern for God’s flock. AUA equipped me with skills to resolve complex ministry challenges, at administrative and personal levels amongst the congregants. I highly value AUA’s contribution to my effective ministry.

At the time of this writing, Thamsanqa was the Pastor at Hillside Seventh day Adventist Church District, South Zimbabwe Conference

Zimbabwe Class of 2017

Thamsanqa Ndlovu | Doctor of Ministry

Phinias Motsi

While studying at AUA, I got to deeply understand why Ellen White says that the work of education and that of redemption are one. The biblical, missionary worldview formation, during the first twelve years of life, develops the adult character foundation. Therefore, intentional parenting and home education is God’s requirement.

I appreciate my time in AUA as I undertook the Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology and Doctor of Ministry degree programs.

Zimbabwe Class of 2017

Phinias Motsi | Doctor of Ministry

Ngabaite Muchinguri

I am a totally visually challenged married man. I enrolled for the Masters Leadership program in 2014. Having been unemployed, God miraculously financed the studies through my wife’s meagre salary, donors and AUA scholarship. Despite the physical challenge which could have been a hindrance, God had providentially equipped me with computer literacy skills for writing assignments, exams, dissertation and communicating with my US-based research supervisor through email. I thank and praise the Lord for the achievement that has had me employed as a university Theology lecturer and has had me embark on a PhD Leadership program with AUA.

Zimbabwe Class of 2019

Ngabaite Muchinguri | MA Leadership

Daniel Ombui

I deeply value the impact the Adventist University of Africa Masters in leadership program has had on my life and ministry.  My years at Adventist University brought me closer to Jesus, and effectively equipped me for His service.  It was at Adventist university that I learned how to dig deeply into leadership arts educational tactics that has helped me become a better problem solver and has enhanced my ability to adapt in an ever changing workforce, how to preach, how to lead the church, how reach people who are far from God, and so much more!

At the time of this writing, Daniel was the District Pastor, South Kenya Conference

Kenya Class of 2020

Daniel Ombui | MA Leadership

Alozie Isaiah Onyekachi

My experience during the 4 year’s summer program was amazing both spiritually and academically. In comparison to my experience in the secular university, AUA’s academic and spiritual program structure was exceptional in strengthening my relationship with Christ. Consequently, it changed my worldview regarding leadership and strategic planning and improved my competence in the department of human resource management.

At the time of this writing, Alozie was the Executive Secretary, Anambra Mission of Seventh-day Adventist Church, Eastern Nigeria Union Conference

Nigeria Class of 2018

Alozie Isaiah Onyekachi | MA Leadership

Abraham Oladimeji Aremu

One of the best things that has happened in my life was attending Adventist University of Africa (AUA) as a post graduate student. Aside the commitment of the lecturers, their Christlike methods of handling students’ situations thrilled my soul.

There are sufficient textbooks to work with. In fact, going through MA in Leadership changed my orientation for good on leadership, especially, spiritual leadership.

I will forever remain grateful to God for the opportunity to attend AUA for my MA programme in Leadership.

Nigeria Class of 2019

Abraham Oladimeji Aremu | MA Leadership

Brian Kapembwa Sinyangwe

The Adventist University of Africa (AUA), not only is it a serene environment suitable for academic pursuit but a place that affords an opportunity for personal reflection. It is ideal for communing with God. My time at AUA has shaped my ministerial and professional aptitude. The MABTS program, which is fundamentally rooted in Scripture as the primary foundation of the theological task, has shaped my academic and professional perspectives driven by a biblical worldview. I praise God for a team of dedicated faculty and staff of AUA.

At the time of this writing, Brian was a Pastor from Lusaka Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church, Zambia

Zambia, Class of 2021

Brian Kapembwa Sinyangwe | MA Biblical and Theological Studies

Kenneth Oppong

I sincerely appreciate the influence the Adventist University of Africa (AUA) has had on my life and pastoral ministry. AUA has shaped my thinking level with regards to understanding the Word of God. In AUA, I learnt commitment to duty, how to interpret the Bible, how to write scholarly articles, the need for a healthy lifestyle, and so much more. My personal encounter with these knowledgeable, experienced and humble professors was an inspiration to me. Indeed, AUA has prepared me to lead the Church of God with the needed expertise.

At the time of this writing, Kenneth was the District Pastor, Ashanti South Ghana Conference and part-time Lecturer, Valley View University, Ghana

Ghana, Class of 2018

Kenneth Oppong | MA Biblical and Theological Studies

Amos Ndlovu

The multicultural and global environment at Adventist University of Africa was very helpful in my career development. The diverse student cohort, highly supportive staff, well organized curriculum and teamwork tasks helped me to learn new skills. The programme content and networking opportunities offered by the Research Office – where I learnt new ideas and concepts – proved invaluable when researching on a particular topic. The regular exchange of ideas and experiences with other students has definitely enriched me.

At the time of this writing, Amos was the Extension Campus Manager, Solusi University, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Class of 2019

Amos Ndlovu | MA Biblical and Theological Studies

Yamukelani Humphrey Ngwenya

My student years at AUA transformed my philosophy of ministry and equipped me for a Christ-centered, people-oriented and mission-driven ministry. It was at AUA that l received the tools and skills for an effective pastoral ministry. Thank you AUA for the profound impact of the Pastoral Theology program in my life.

At the time of this writing, Ngwenya was the District Pastor, Cowdray Park North, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Class of 2018

Yamukelani Humphrey Ngwenya | Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

Lagu Charles Darius

I am thankful to God, my work administrators, and AUA admission team. I was admitted provisionally with low GPA of 2.96 which is supposed to be 3 GPA. Worse still, I was recovering from nasal surgery from the effect of living in a very cold environment; attending classes was a real challenge to me. But, I was able to graduate with a GPA 3.22. I gained skills on how to relate with people with diverse backgrounds and to lead youth with a comprehensive tact. More so, I preach sermons filled with practical life experiences.

At the time of this writing, Lagu was the Youth, Health, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director at the South Sudan Attached Territory

South Sudan Class of 2018

Lagu Charles Darius | Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

Mallum Joshua Ezra

My Master’s program at Adventist University of Africa was a unique self-improving and self-motivating experience. I was challenged not only in understanding what Pastoral Ministry is all about, but also got a greater understanding of the general subject of Theology.

I was given the opportunity to work with leading academics and discuss the subject I am passionate about on a different level. My Master’s degree has also massively enhanced my effectiveness in doing the Lord’s work as a minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and has drawn me closer to Him than before.

At the time of this writing, Mallum was the President, North East Nigeria Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church, Anguldi, Jos Plateau State, Nigeria.

Nigeria Class of 2018

Mallum Joshua Ezra | Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

Hesbon J. Omune

I’m very grateful to the Adventist University of Africa for it has had a great impact on my life and Ministry. The Adventist University of Africa stands out as an exceptional Christian Institution that has shaped the lives of many students of the Bible in Africa and beyond. It was here, when pursuing Masters in Pastoral Theology that I learned a lot in Biblical studies, Christ’s ministry, discipleship, servant leadership, Church administration, integrity and humility in the Ministry. The University’s academic excellence and the spiritual atmosphere there equipped me for better service in His vineyard. Thanks to the lecturers and professors at AUA.

At the time of this writing, Hesbon was a pastor in Kenya Lake Conference, Kenya.

Hesbon J. Omune | Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

Obadiah M Ngwenya

Adventist University of Africa (AUA) is truly a University of choice for our times. My life and ministry have been transformed through my interaction with AUA. In my spirituality and my day to day life, I have been equipped with skills to examine the options of life through the word of God and peer reviewed knowledge.

My project was based on the interpretation and application of the writings of Ellen G. White. The knowledge that I gained as I was doing this project and the vast knowledge that I received through classroom contact with various professors have equipped me to approach any question based on Ellen G. White’s writings with Bible-based and Spirit of Prophecy informed answers.

I will forever be grateful that God led me to AUA.

At the time of this writing, Obadiah was the District Pastor in Bulawayo City Centre District, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Class of 2018

Obadiah M Ngwenya | Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

Kilion Agalo

AUA offered me the best opportunity to interact with different students from all over Africa. In a class of twenty-five students, engaging lessons with lecturers who were not only friendly and available but also from diverse countries and continents. The lectures were instructive and I enjoyed the spiritual aspects of the University where every lesson had spiritual applications. The hostels are commodious and ideal for residential use. I really enjoyed the world-class library with all the instructional materials for study.

By attending the Adventist University of Africa, I had time to be equipped with knowledge and skills which have helped me to excel in my field of study. May God bless the pioneers who came with the vision to establish this University in Africa.

Class of 2017

Kilion Agalo | Master of Business Administration

Abraham Boateng Adade

My years of study with AUA have been one of the best periods in my life. Because of their programs’ competitiveness, high standards, and globalized structure, AUA was my first choice for a university for my graduate studies.

The Master of Divinity program has really helped me in diverse ways of serving people. The training has equipped me for ministry. As a minister and an entrepreneur, the MDiv program has enriched my skill set in personal, interpersonal, and pastoral development.

Thank you AUA.

Ghana Class of 2022

Abraham Adade Boateng | Master of Divinity

Omobonike Alabi Sessou

Studying at AUA for my Ph.D. program is one of the blessings of God in my life for many reasons. I got to school at an Adventist Higher Institution, on the continent of Africa, saving me from traveling far away from home and from my place of work. In addition, I enjoyed the relationship among the faculties and students as well as other workers at Advent Hill. The lecturers are well qualified and they integrate faith and learning; the success of students is their priority. I recommend AUA to all


Nigeria – Class of 2022

Omobonike Alabi Sessou | Ph.D