AUA Student Association (AUASA)

The AUA Student Association (AUASA) provides student leadership and looks out for the welfare of students in a holistic manner. The goals of the Association are to: 

  • Promote the University spirit and values within and outside campus
  • Advance the care and concern for each other and an efficient love for the Institution
  • Settle all affairs which concern the best interests ensuring a wholistic student life
  • Attain to those areas which will improve the University in every possible way
  • Provide the students with a forum to express their views, concerns and opinions
  • Afford the students an opportunity to learn and practise governance
  • Enhance the spiritual atmosphere with the office of Spiritual Life, administration and staff
  • Encourage faithful and supportive alumni throughout Africa and beyond

The seven (7) officers are elected to serve for two (2) years with a sponsor, often a faculty member for guidance as may be necessary.