AUA recognizes that there are worthy students from different areas in Africa who, despite their will and a strong commitment to learning, do not have adequate financial resources to complete a graduate program on their own and, therefore, need financial support to reach their educational goals. In response to this need, AUA has developed scholarship funds from the generous support of donors. These funds are made available to any student registered at AUA who fulfils the guidelines.

The following are the available scholarship funds:

    • Baker Worthy Students Scholarship (BWSS)
    • Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarship (BOAS)
    • Merit Scholarship
    • Scholarships for Female Students: The University administration has made available a scholarship to cover 50% of the tuition fee (for the tuition component only) for the 1st Semester/Session for new female applicants. 
Baker Worthy Student Scholarship (BWSS)
Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarship (BOAS)
Merit Scholarship


    • The Baker Worthy Student Scholarship Fund (formerly known as the AUA Worthy Student Scholarship) is established to assist worthy students from the continent of Africa who have documented financial needs.


    • The annual timeframes for scholarship application submission are January 1-31 and July 1-31 or as announced.
    • All scholarship requests shall be submitted by the student to by the last day in January or July or as announced. All applications must meet the deadline to be considered.
    • The Scholarship Committee will accept applications and review them according to the criteria for application.
    • Following receipt of applications, the Scholarship Committee will meet in the first week of February and August or as and when needed to make award decisions.
    • Scholarship award decisions are forwarded by the Scholarship Committee chair to University Management Board for approval prior to awarding the scholarship to the student.
    • In addition, the Scholarship Secretary (or a designee) informs students of scholarship decisions by email following University Management Board approval. The information should include:
      •  Amount awarded to account in USD
      • If not awarded, the reasons should clearly be stated
      • Email copy to the School Dean

Scholarship Criteria

    • The student must have completed one full session of courses at AUA with a CGPA of 3.00 for the Master’s programme and 3.33 for the Doctoral programme. In certain cases, exceptions can be made for female students, AUA un-entered territories, and applicants with challenging backgrounds.
    • All applications must include the following:
      • Completed Application Form
      • A personal statement written by the student that demonstrates his/her need as part of the application form
      • Copy of Account Statement, which can also be provided by the Finance Office representative on the Committee
      • Agreement of the student to write a thank-you letter to the donor/AUA and post a positive message of gratitude if the scholarship request is granted
      • One letter of recommendation from an AUA faculty member—or any one of these: 1) the home
        union/conference; 2) the employing organization; or 3) the local church.
    • Scholarships are limited to the annual amount available for a given year.
    • Scholarships shall be granted to students who have made or can make a contribution to their financial responsibility using non-scholarship funds and/or student work credit.
    • The scholarship shall be applied to the current tuition fee and not to the student’s debt.
    • Any matriculated AUA student may apply, whether at the main or extension sites.


    • The Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarship has been established by Judith Thomas, a major donor to the Adventist Church, especially educational institutions, hospitals, evangelistic funds, communication facilities, etc. The scholarship shall be available to students every year. Scholarships may be granted to students who apply for the scholarship and are able to meet the submission deadline of January 31 and June 30 every year.
    • After the Application Form is completed, it should be submitted to The Scholarship Committee will review the applications of every applicant and will forward their recommendations to the University Management Board (UMB) for final approval or denial. The awarding of scholarships is strictly based on the Guidelines. Therefore, students are encouraged to read these Guidelines carefully PRIOR to completing the Scholarship Application Form.

Scholarship Guidelines

The Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarship Fund is established to assist needy but worthy students at the Adventist University of Africa.

    • This scholarship is established to help needy but worthy Adventist students at the Adventist University of Africa.
    • The scholarship shall, each year, be divided equally (50% each) between the two schools, the Theological Seminary and the School of Postgraduate Studies
    • For an applicant to benefit from the scholarship fund, he/she must first be a registered student at AUA for at least one session.
    • The student shall have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 at the point of application for the scholarship and would be expected to maintain no less than 3.0 CGPA throughout his/her studies.
    • One letter of recommendation from an AUA faculty member—or any one of these: 1) the home union/conference; 2) the employing organization; or 3) the local church.
    • The eligible student to receive the Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarship must not be a recipient of any other AUA scholarship for the year.
    • The application form shall be filed within a deadline of the year after which the Scholarship Committee will meet and recommend beneficiaries to UMB for approval.
    • Special consideration shall be given to students from African Countries with few or no students at AUA.
    • The scholarship will contribute half of the student’s tuition and fees for one year and renewable. An application should be submitted every year and meet the criteria.
    • If the applicant is granted the scholarship, s/he should write a letter of gratitude to the AUA Finance Office and post a positive message about AUA.
    • All applications must include the following:
      • Completed Application Form
      • One-page personal statement that demonstrates his/her need
      • A letter of recommendation from the employing organization or the previous
        university or local Conference.
      • If employed by the church organization, the employee should submit documented evidence from the employing organization attesting that he/she is self-sponsored.
  1. The AUA Merit Scholarship is granted to all new applicants of programmes starting from 2023, based on their grade point average (GPA) in Bachelor’s degree for Master’s applicants and based on Master’s degree GPA for Doctorate applicants.
  2. The scholarship amount for Master’s students is granted once a year for three years, and for Doctoral students, it is granted once a year for four years.

Cumulative GPA or Equivalent

Scholarship Award



3.00 to 3.33

$ 150

$150 x 3 = $450


3.34 to 3.66

$ 250

$250 x 3 = $750

$250 x 4 = 1,000

3.67 and above

$ 350

$350 x 3 = $1,050

$350 x 4 = 1,400

            *MDiv Students will also be considered for this scholarship for 4 years.

  1. The AUA Scholarship Committee will review the performance of all students under this scholarship annually and adjust the scholarship according to the relevant GPA range in No. 2 above.
  2. The AUA Scholarship Committee shall meet and take the relevant actions to grant scholarships according to the guidelines here-stated.