Launch of Three Pan-African Research Journals

The Adventist University of Africa (AUA) launched three refereed research journals on 24th April 2022. The academic journals are:
1. Pan-African Journal of Theology (PAJOT)
2. Pan-African Journal of Education and Social Sciences (PAJES)
3. Pan-African Journal of Health and Environmental Studies (AJHES)

The guest of honour for the launch was Dr. Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Education Director of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She congratulated the University for attaining the great stride, saying that the journals are a great opportunity to bring to bear biblical world views, address challenges that face the Church and conduct interdisciplinary research as well.

The Research and Grants Development Director, Prof. Josephine Ganu mentioned that the overall purpose of the three journals was to provide a platform for academic exchange for scholars and readers in Africa and beyond. The journals would publish peer-reviewed, high-quality articles via an open-access online publishing model and she envisioned them becoming influential and prestigious journals in Africa. “The journals will enable the University to share discoveries with the world, even as AUA spearheads and foreruns disciplines and practice in Africa” said Prof. Vincent Injety, the AUA Vice-Chancellor.

It would be well to note that the chief editors and editorial board of each of the journals have diverse expertise and experience in relevant subject areas, and publication track records. The seven-member board of each journal provides scientific expertise, ensuring double-blind peer-review and the overall quality of the journal’s content.

The Pan-African Journal of Theology (PAJOT) provides a platform for scholarship based on biblical fidelity for academics and practitioners in all areas of theological studies. The aim of the journal is to encourage original and deeper studies, provide appropriate and relevant application of Scriptures to society for the ultimate purpose of redemption. PAJOT’s chief editor is Prof. Sampson Nwaomah.

The Pan-African Journal of Education and Social Sciences (PAJES) is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes articles in the areas of education, business, leadership, human behaviour, and other related areas. The journal accepts empirical research using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods; as well as theoretical and conceptual manuscripts. PAJE’s chief editor is Prof. Marie-Anne Razafiarivony.

The Pan-African Journal of Health and Environmental Science (AJHES) seeks to publish original research in the areas of health and environmental sciences. Topics covered in the journal include environmental issues, public health, occupational health, epidemiology, and global health among others. AHJES welcomes submissions of the highest quality, reflecting a wide range of perspectives, topics, contexts, and methods in the areas of health and environmental sciences. AJHE’s chief editor is Prof. Daniel Ganu.

Students, faculty, and various scholars are invited to submit their research papers on various thematic areas through the journals portal on

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