Faculty & Staff

Mahlon Juma, PhD., BCC., ChD.

Program Coordinator, Master of Chaplaincy Lecturer, Applied Theology, Theological Seminary

Office Location: Library Complex
Email: jumamn@aua.ac.ke


Dr. Mahlon Juma is an ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist church for 26 years and has worked and studied in Uganda, Kenya, and the Philippines. He’s been the Director of Correctional Chaplaincy, Public Campus Ministry, Hospital and HIV/AIDS ministry, and of Communication and Radio ministry in Uganda. He was a Resident Pastor and strengthened the AMiCUS/PCM branch at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, which is now an organized church in a secular premier University. He is Vice-Chair of the Professional Association of Chaplains in Kenya. He heads the Strategic department of the Kenya Universities Professional Counselors’ Association. He is a seasoned chaplain. He’s a Board-Certified Chaplain, a Full CPE Supervisor, and a CPE Educator at the Adventist Chaplaincy Institute in Silver Springs, USA.

Dr. Juma is married to Betty. They have a son and two daughters.


  • Chaplaincy Diplomate (ChD), Clinical Pastoral Education, Clinical Pastoral Education and Care Foundation, Inc., Asia Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, 2023
  • PhD in Psychology, Adventist University of the Philippines, Silang Cavite, Philippines, Magna Cum Laude May 2021

  • MA in Counseling Psychology, Uganda Christian University, Kampala, Uganda, May 2007
  • MA in Educational Administration and Management, Kampala International University, Kampala, Uganda, May 2004

Areas of Expertise

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Supervision
  • Certified Life Coach and Mentor
  • Trainer of Trainees, My Journey to Recovery for Addictions and Emotional Catharsis

List areas of research interest

  • Psychology and Religion
  • Chaplaincy issues
  • Zoology
  • Music