School of Postgraduate Studies


Message from the Dean

MB Safary Wa-mbaleka

Welcome to the School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS)! It is a great joy and privilege for me to welcome you to the SPS Family where brains are challenged to excel, hearts are guided to connect more strongly with God, people are encouraged for mutual support and mutual respect, and lives are expected to develop holistically. It is my strong conviction that you are not on this page by chance—it is all by God’s providence. So, I praise God for your being here. 
As you embark or continue on this important journey of your postgraduate studies, always keep in mind why you are here: to fulfill the plan that God has made for you—plan to prosper you to fit for His service in this world and in the world to come. Therefore, prepare effectively by sharpening your mental knowledge and skills required to contribute effectively to society in this 21st century. Do not settle for mediocrity. Additionally, always remember that this world is not our final home—it is just temporary. So, whatever you do, always keep it in light of eternity.

You have many resources that will help you on your academic journey. This academic bulletin provides you with all the information pertaining to processes, requirements, policies, and guidelines that the University has put in place to guide you successfully. Your lecturers and professors are there to support you so that you can reach your full academic potential while you are here. Your program coordinator is there to guide you in your whole program and make sure you receive the needed support and have access to the necessary resources. Your head of the department will also provide you with more support if you encounter challenges that your program coordinator cannot help you with.

It is your responsibility and right to plan well, using the information and the human resources presented in this academic bulletin. Success at the postgraduate level of education requires you to plan well and execute your plan effectively to meet the rigorous demands of your program. Balancing your life and professional requirements and academic expectations is only possible if you are focused on your goals and determined to succeed.

At this academic level, you will receive extensive training in critical thinking and research, organizational and communication skills as well as information management and technology skills that today’s employers want from prospective hires, regardless of their major. Our programs prepare students with the moral depth and intellectual intensity necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Plan intentionally to make the most of your time here as you advance your career goals with us.
May God bless you abundantly in your academic journey here in the School of Postgraduate Studies.

Safary Wa-Mbaleka, EdD, PhD
Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies
Associate Professor of Education
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School of Post Graduate Studies Personnel


Safary Wa-Mbaleka, EdD, PhD


Prof. Daniel Ganu, DrPH
Prof. Musa Nykaora, PhD
Janet Odhiambo, DrPH
Josephine Ganu, PhD
Lilia Poniatowska, PhD
Lossan Bonde, PhD
Marie-Anne Razafiarivony, MBA, PhD


Margaret Osei-Bonsu, MSc

Department of Applied Sciences

Department Head: Lossan Bonde, PhD

MPH – Master of Public Health


a. Health Promotion

b. Environmental Health

c. Nutrition


MSc – Master of Science in Applied Computer Science


a. Cybersecurity
b. E-Services
c. Network and Systems Administration

Department of Social Sciences

Department Head: Musa Nyakora, PhD

MBA – Master of Business Administration


a. Accounting
b. Finance
c. Management
d. Information Systems

MA – Master of Arts in Leadership

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership


a. Organizational Leadership
b. Business Leadership
c. Public Health Leadership