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2019 New Intakes




Master of Divinity

Rusangu University

January 21-April 26

Master of Public Health*

Malawi University

March 4-July 5

Master of Arts in Leadership

Main Campus

March 18-May 24 

Master of Arts of Missiology

Main Campus

January 23-April 29 

Master in Business Administration*

Valley View University

August 5-September 13  

Master of Science in Applied Computer Science

Main Campus

March 4-May 10 

Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies*

Babcock University

May 6-August 9

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Religion

Main Campus

February 4-March 30

Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies

Main Campus

January 23-April 29

Master of Arts in Missiology*

Valley View University

May 29-12 August

Note* --Subject to having a class size

Note* --Subject to having a class size

AUA Programmes
• Doctor of Ministry
• Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies
• Master of Arts in Leadership
• Master of Arts in Missiology
• Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology
• Master of Business Administration (MBA)
• Master of Chaplaincy
• Master of Divinity
• Master of Public Health (MPH)
• Master of Science in Applied Computer Science
• PhD in Leadership
• PhD in Religion
• Centre for Continuing Education short courses


  • Tuition Fees

Because AUA was established as a vehicle to serve part-time students across the African continent, the tuition fees have historically been set based on the country where the student is working, while others are set, and others (such as food and lodging) depend on the campus where the student is studying. When setting the fees on a country-by-country basis, the factor that is used is the 100% of the wage for the Seventh-day Adventist minister in each country (also called the Wage Factor, or WF for short).

Send your name, country, union and expected programme to the Finance team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further guidance on the fee structure.

  • Payment method/s

Payments may be made to any of the following accounts:



A/C No: 3001041700

A/C Branch: Riverside Drive

Swift Code: PRIEKENX


Bank Code: 043

Branch Code: 024

A/C Name: Adventist University of Africa

A/C No: 0241035037387601

Bank Swift Code: ECOCKENA

Paybill Number: 700201


Bank Code: 068

Branch Code: 061

Bank Branch: Equity Branch - Ongata Rongai


ACC No: 0610269069037

Swift Code: EQBLKENA


Bank Code: 068

Branch Code: 061

Bank Branch: Equity Branch - Ongata Rongai


A/C No: 0610294951743

Swift Code: EQBLKENA




a. Admission and registration process
i. Download application form from the AUA Website/Click on this link to apply online
ii. Prepare and pay a non-refundable application fee of USD 60. Payments may be made via PayPal or bank transfer
iii. Submit the application form with all required documents including proof of payment of the application fee
iv. If you are qualified, one will be issued with an admission letter within a day or two after Admissions Committee approval
v. If unqualified, one will be notified on the reasons

b. Credit transfers
Post-graduate courses taken at other accredited institutions (or in a different AUA programme) may be transferred to an AUA programme, provided all of the following conditions are met:

1. An official transcript or authenticated record is submitted.
2. A grade of B or higher was earned.
3. Transfer credit may not be more than 8 years old at the time of the student’s graduation.
4. The transfer course is equivalent to an AUA course for which credit is being sought. Equivalency must be established by the Programme Director based on the existing programme curriculum.
5. Credits would be acceptable for a similar degree at the institution at which they were earned.
6. Transfer credits are approved by the School Committee and the University Senate.
7. Courses transferred from one AUA programme to another will carry the letter grade earned and will become part of the student’s CGPA. Transfer courses from other institutions will show the grade, but will not be included in the CGPA.
8. If the credits are being transferred from an AUA master’s programme into an AUA doctoral level programme, a tuition adjustment will be charged.
The maximum number of credits that can be earned through challenge examination and/or transfer shall not exceed 30% of the degree programme requirements.

**For more information, consult the AUA University Bulletin



Financials and Scholarships

1.     How much is the School fees?
The school fees vary from country to country depending on the wage factor. Kindly drop an email indicating your name, country, union and the expected programme to our Finance team on
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further guidance on the same.

2.     Does AUA provide Scholarships?
Yes, AUA provides scholarships to worthy students from different areas in Africa who, despite their will and a strong commitment to learning, do not have adequate financial resources to complete a graduate program on their own and, therefore, need financial support to reach their educational goals. Click on the link below for more details on the two kinds of scholarship AUA offers:

a.     The AUA Worthy Student Scholarship

b.     The Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarship

3.     How can I give a donation to AUA?
You are welcome to give a donation to AUA of any amount or gift in kind. Monetary gifts may be paid through the AUA PayPal account in the main page of the AUA website while gifts in kind may be delivered to the Main Campus in Ongata Rongai, Kenya. 


Registration and Programmes

4.     How long do the Master's programmes take?
AUA operates on a cohort system and programme length may vary. 

5.     Does AUA offer online programmes?
AUA offers a blended learning programme with both online and face-to-face sessions.

6.     Does AUA take new intakes each year?
AUA programmes are on the cohort system, working with one group until they have completed their coursework, and then beginning a new cohort, and not accepting new students each year.

7.     Who should apply for the AUA programmes?
Adventist employees, church members or others who wish to have a strong Christian graduate education may apply for programmes on a space-available basis. Organisationally sponsored students have priority but do not typically fill the cohorts, leaving plenty of room for others who wish to apply.

8.     What happens upon late registration?
Students who fail to register during the regular registration period shall pay a late registration fee. Students shall not be allowed to join a course after 15% of the course has been taught (2 days in a 3-week face-to-face intensive course).


Visa and Student Travel

9.     Do I need a visa to travel to Kenya? How much will it cost?

All foreign citizens wishing to travel to Kenya will need a visa, except citizens from countries who are exempt. This only allows one to enter Kenya.

To check whether you need to apply for a visa or not, please follow this link for more information.

A single entry visa will cost $50 (if there will be a service charge, you will be advised at the port of entry).

10.  I have a 1-month visa, but will be in school for more than 1 month, what do I need to do?

The one month visa can be renewed/extended for a further 60 days, to make a maximum of 90 days.

If I have a visa, do I need a student/pupils pass/permit to study in Kenya?

Possessing a visa only allows one to enter Kenya for the purpose of the visa only but does not permit one to study in Kenya. For students that travel to Kenya on a tourist/visitor’s visa, they are required to apply for a student permit/pass as soon as they arrive in school. It is an offence to receive education or training at any educational or training establishment within Kenya without a pupil's / student's pass (section 30 (7) of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Regulations, 2012).

The following are the required documents to be submitted to the immigration department - Kenya, for student permit processing; ensure you have all the requirements before coming to Kenya.

a.     A duly filled, signed and stamped application Form 30, by the institution's authorized personnel (Both new and renewal cases). You will print out the form at the end of the application for a Student pass.

b.     Detailed and Signed Cover letter addressed to the Director of Immigration Services from the institution indicating the course to be pursued and the duration (admission letter can serve). The school will also write a letter.

c.      Copy of a valid national passport both new and renewal cases (the bio-data page)

d.     Current immigration status for the pupil/student- both new and renewal cases (If in the country)

e.     Two (2) recent passport size colour photos.

f.       Duly certified Copies of basic academic certificates for those joining Tertiary Institutions and Universities

g.      Signed commitment letter from the sponsor

h.     Proof of funds (for self-sponsored students)

i.       Police Clearance from your country of origin.

j.       A copy of the checklist

11.  How do I apply for a student permit/pass?

A student permit application is done electronically, and a form 30 - generated from the application Student services office has created a central account that all students needing to apply for the permit are advised to use;

Instructions to Apply

a.     Visit the eFNS page: The Republic of Kenya electronic Foreign Nationals Services (eFNS) is a portal for the Department of Immigration Services under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.  

b.     Log in to the eFNS account with the following details:

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration Document Number: 24093929

Password: Immigration@aua>

c.      Once logged in, click submit a new application and click apply now under a student’s pass.

d.     A new page will open, scroll to the bottom of that page and click Apply Now.

e.     Fill in all the required details. Ensure to fill all slots with asterisks (*), otherwise you cannot finish the application.

f.       Make sure you attach all the required documents.

g.      If you have a phone number, then include it, if not, perhaps you may use the one for the school: +254 733333451

h.    Submit all the documents to the Student Services Office for submission to the Immigration office.

12.  How much does it cost to process a student permit/pass?

It costs $50 per year ($100 for two years). If approved, a student could be given a permit for 1 year or a maximum of 2 years.

13.  How long does it take for a student pass/permit to come out, and what is the validity?

The time it takes is not specified - it depends on how fast the documents are processed. With the introduction of police clearance, there are background checks on applicants before approval. 

Typically, if a student applies for the permit on their maiden session, by the time they return for their second session the following year, the permit should be out - assuming there are no errors in the application requiring correction.

Validity: 1 or 2 years (the duration given is at the discretion of the approving, but the University requests for 2 years).

14.  How does the permit become operational?

After the permit is ready, it is collected from the Immigration Office, and the applicant/student is required to visit the Immigration department for endorsement. This entails having an official student pass/permit stamp in the passport for the period of its validity.

The student needs to apply for a foreign registration certificate at a fee of $10/year.

Please follow this link for FOREIGN/ALIEN REGISTRATION

After reading the instructions, click apply now. Then you will be required to log into the system - as you did when applying for the permit - you may use our common account that I have access to:

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration Document Number: 24093929

Password: Immigration@aua>

After you have been logged in, scroll down to:

Foreign National Service

Foreign National Certificate

Application for foreign National Certificate (click on this one)

You will be directed into another page - read all the instructions, and then click Apply Now when you are sure you have everything required. Fill in the required details, as necessary. After completion, payment will be required, then the application form would need to be printed.