Annual Research Conference 2016 on Social Responsibility Resolutions

2016 AUA Research Conference on Social Responsibility
Resolutions: The Christian’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

WHEREAS, we, the participants in the 3rd Annual Research Conference at Adventist University of Africa, on this 10th day of September 2016, have attended this Conference on Social Responsibility, take upon ourselves to articulate the following AFFIRMATIONS, RESOLUTIONS, and COMMITMENTS.

We AFFIRM that social responsibility is a Divine Imperative, born in the Christian out of love for God and His creation, both animate and inanimate. We further AFFIRM that social responsibility is based on a spirit of cooperation and self-disinterested service, with conviction that Jesus is the Answer to human need that we are His people and therefore, we are His hands, His feet, and His heart in the World.

We further RESOLVE that by God’s grace, we will be the change that we want to see in the world by:

  1. Doing our part to be the Church, individually and collectively, that reaches out proactively in our neighbourhood believing that we are, indeed, one another’s keeper;
  2. Advocating that the organizations, administrative structure and entities in our church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, have strong support for social justice and active compassionate ministry to those outside and inside of the church;
  3. Acting responsibly in the use of economic, ecologic, material and human resources;
  4. Speaking up when we see injustice and impunity; standing up for persons who are marginalized and disenfranchised, who experience racism, tribalism, sexism, suffering, harm and any other form of violence, and deliberately keeping silent when it is God’s time to speak and act;
  5. Recognizing that the environment is a sacred trust, that we are responsible for it and for educating our family members and others of its value;
  6. Being accountable as educators, administrators, pastors, business-persons, and leaders to model socially responsible transparency in:
    • Financial management
    • Ethical behaviour
    • Research
    • Governance and management
    • Issues that relate to privacy and confidentiality
    • Collection and giving of philanthropic funds
    • Use of technology
  7. Strategize and leverage to increase our voice and presence and that of other Christians in legislative and policy positions in our governments to enhance advocacy for the voiceless and obscured people groups;
  8. Organize and conduct biennial theological and social science research that adds to the body of knowledge to enhance social development with proper evaluations;
  9. Recognizing poverty as a reality surrounded by multiple social issues, but also provides multiple opportunities for Christians to act;
  10. Standing against and providing positive alternatives to practices that destroy life, such as the use of alcohol, tobacco, licit and illicit drugs, unsafe sexual practices and other unhealthy lifestyles;
  11. Blending our knowledge and behaviours both individually and corporately in a socially responsible way so that people will see that Christianity is not just in our head, but in our very being, showing itself through good works for the pure benefit of others without expecting anything in return.
  12. We also commit ourselves to action and accountability, TO DO SOMETHING, to live in a socially responsible way in our
    • Families
    • Churches
    • Communities
    • Nations
    • World

By God’s power and grace, we do AFFIRM, RESOLVE, and COMMIT to these resolutions.