ECD Higher Education Consultative Meeting

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 East-Central Africa Division Higher Education Consultative Meeting
June 22-26, 2016
Theme: Technology in Education

Wednesday June 22, 2016  
Biblical foundations for Technology in Education Adam Fenner  
State of the University Tech Reports UEAB  
Technology in Health Profession Tammi Thomas  
Setting up and Maintaining ICT equipment in an
African University
Abraham Idowu   
Delivering MPH in Blended Online Environment
using Moodle
Daniel Ganu  
Creating Quality Blended Learning Environment  Adam Fenner  
Clinic Performance Assessment using Technology
and Simulations
Tammi Thomas & D
State of the University Tech Report AUA & AUCA  
Thursday June 23, 2016  
State of the University Technology Reports Arusha & Bugema  

AAA & IBE Distance Learning Policies

AAA Complete Handbook, 2013

Mike Lekic   
Where the Rubber meets the Road: A Practical
Application of the Use of Computers for Distance
Education in an African Context
Willard Munger   
 Moving from Traditional Classroom to Blended
Online Learning
 Adam Fenner  
 Technology online  Adam Fenner  
Cyber Security for the Educational Professional            Willard Munger  
 Technology and Simulations resources for Health
Profession Education with LLU
 Tammi Thomas & D
 State of the University Tech Reports  EAC & Lukanga &
Philip Lemon University
 Friday June 24, 2016  
 University ICT Budgetary Issues  Abraham Idowu  
 How to Use Moodle [lab session]  Lossan Bonde  
 Technology online [lab session]  Adam Fenner  
 Technology in Health Profession [lab session]  Tammi Thomas  
 Cyber Security for the Educational Professional [lab session]  Willard Munger  
 Faculty Development for Technology [lab session]  Adam Fenner  




C.D. Brooks: A Tribute

C.D. Brooks: A Tribute

The Vice Chancellor of the Adventist University of Africa (AUA), Dr. Delbert Baker, led out in a special AUA Chapel, on 8th June 2016, to honor the life and legacy of the well-known Adventist minister, preacher, and evangelist,Charles D. Brooks. C.D. Brooks, whose life inspired many and led thousands to followChrist, was one who exemplified what it meant to be a man of God, who allowed the “power that worketh in us” to do “exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Eph 3:19-20).

Born in 1930 and raised in a humble Methodist home, C.D. Brooks was the tenth child of Marvin and Mattie Brooks. At the age of ten, C.D., along with his mother and six sisters, was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Interestingly, Brooks had planned to study dentistry but God impressed him in his late teenage years to become a minister.  As a result, he accepted the call to ministry and studied at Oakwood College (now Oakwood University) in Huntsville, Alabama, with a major in Religion and minor in English. He often credited the influence to be an evangelist to Elder E. E. Cleveland. Brooks ran his first evangelistic series in 1952 with only 22 people present. By the time of his death, Brooks had traveled six continents preaching the Adventist faith, cofounded and directed theBreath of Life Media Ministry for 23 years, and led over 15,000 souls to Christ through baptism. 

Brooks’ distinct and powerful voice was often heard calling men to live according to God’s word without making any compromise or apology. He never pacified or excused sin, yet, he compassionately appealed to the hearts of men and women to convert and live in Christ. His messages would often resound in men’s minds long after the message was over. 

One AUA student, Evans Manjimela, currently studying Master of Divinity, acknowledged how Brooks’ preaching had influenced his preaching, along with many other preachers across the African continent, for the better. Evans stated that "C.D. Brooks knew the Lord of the Word, the Word itself, and how to give it an efficient delivery." 

Brenda Isaboke, AUA ICT Administrator, said "Brooks’ preaching had such a solid theological foundation, which embodied the ‘faith of our fathers.'"

 Dr. Mathema, Programme Director of MA Leadership, said, "Brooks always churned homiletic grenades, and was a word factory who preached to the times."

Dr. Delbert Baker testified that "Brooks was a Spirit-filled, creative preacher who had mastered the craft of fresh thinking, eloquent speaking, born out of being a prolific reader, and given to much earnest prayer."

C.D. Brooks during the Dr. Baker and his wife, Dr. Susan, were close friends with C.D. Brooks and had the privilege of being mentored by him. In fact, the Vice Chancellor remarked that it was C.D. Brooks that inspired him to be an evangelist. Susan described Walterene, Brooks’ dear wife of over 63 years, as “the perfect pastor's wife,” who supported her husband with a lifelong commitment,deep and sincere love, and an exemplary ministry partnership.

Baker spoke of Brooks’ homiletics masterpieces such as "We can take Jericho," and "I Want My Church Back," among many others available on the internet.

Baker recalls the time when Brooks was first called to preach on TV and Brooks searching for God’s will—for back in the 1970’s, media ministry was new and uncharted waters. Despite that, Brooks shortly told Baker, “I will move forward in faith.” This later became the Breath of Life TV Ministries that has preached to thousands from the comfort of their homes. Brooks truly epitomized “a light of the world. A city set on a hill” of Matthew 5:14. 

Brooks died last Sunday, 5th June 2016 of pancreatic cancer at 85 years of age. Those that knew him say he never once complained, carrying himself with graceful dignity even amid his sickness and pain. To the end, Brooks was a “prince among men” with immense talents yet  deep humility, a great preacher committed to Biblical preaching, highly dedicated, and an encouragement to many.

His legacy is one the current generation can emulate. Church leaders say that they believe his life will inspire generations to come and act as an agent to motivate many others to rise and follow his example.

Brooks' funeral service will be held this Sunday, 12th June 2016, at the Sligo SDA Church Takoma Park, Maryland, USA.

Photos courtesy of C.D. Brooks, Walter Arties, Oakwood University, GC Archives and AUA Public Relations Office.

Second VC Installation

vc installation

The Adventist University of Africa (AUA) marked an historic event on April 26 and 27, 2016, when Dr. Delbert W. Baker was consecrated and installed as the second Vice Chancellor of the University with the theme ‘Onward and Upward’.

During the ceremony, the three symbols of authority—the University Charter, Seal and Mace were presented by both Dr. Ella Simmons, Chair, AUA Council and General Vice President of the General Conference of SDA; and Dr. Blasious Ruguri, Chancellor, AUA and President, East-Central Africa Division to Dr. Baker to publicly affirm his Vice Chancellorship.

In his remarks, Dr. Baker powerfully shared his vision by re-defining ‘AUA’ as ‘Attitude Unstoppable for Advancement’; ‘Atmosphere Unplugged for Academic Achievement’, and ‘Adventures Under the Almighty’.

As Dr. Baker assumes the vice-chancellery, three powerful ideas motivate his leadership style: “the transforming power of service, the tremendous potential of people, and the transcendent providence of being centered in God’s will.  He is committed to personal development, lifelong learning and he has a strong work ethic.”

Among the dignitaries who witnessed the memorable ceremony were government representatives, Church leaders from the General Conference of SDA, the University Chancellor, Council Chair and members, Divisions officers, Presidents and Directors from the various Seventh-day Adventist Church Fields, Unions and fields, Vice Chancellors from sister universities, and other stakeholders.

Dr. Baker is happily married to Susan (Lee) and they have three adult children. Susan holds a doctorate degree in Science and has had a notable career in physical therapy, administration and education. Dr. Baker comes to AUA with a sense of its proud history and potential for service to Africa, the Adventist Church and to the lives of its students, faculty and staff. He is confident that through the collaborative efforts of AUA faculty and staff, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the Kenyan government, we will move AUA ‘onward and upward’ in developing moral leaders by the rich blessing of God.

To God be the glory!

Construction Start Service

delbert css

The Adventist University of Africa (AUA) today marked yet another milestone. It was the Construction Start Service for the new Student Towers and the Faculty Housing Buildings. These two buildings are a much-needed response to the growing and urgent needs of the University for student and faculty accommodation.

The new Student Towers building will be the fourth addition to the student buildings, while the new Faculty Housing will host eight spacious apartments adding to the thirteen existing faculty houses. The Construction Start Service, overseen by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Delbert Baker (see right), was an event that marked the official beginning of the construction process that is aimed to take at least 58 weeks.

After a short introduction from Dr. Baker, several representatives of the different groups at AUA expressed their joy and wishes that the project will be soon finished and will bring glory to God. The former Vice Chancellor of AUA, Dr. Brempong Owusu-Antwi, expressed inexpressible joy of the commencement of the project. He was grateful to God that the long-overdue student building would provide the necessary and needed accommodation to the students. He appreciated the current administration for their efforts and visionary spirit.

The two buildings will provide a conducive environment with modern quality solutions for the students and faculty, built within the shortest time possible as affirmed by the chief architect, Mr. Charles Misiani. He shall work in conjunction with qualified contractors, quantity surveyor and engineering team.

mutero css


Dr. Andrew Mutero, the East Central Africa Division (ECD) Education Director (see left) and Dr. Philip Baptiste, Special Assistant to the ECD President, offered the prayer of thanksgiving and consecration as the work commenced.

Indeed, AUA is growing and attaining to unstoppable heights while making provision for the increase of students and faculty. Several people representing the families, faculty, students, as well the administration of AUA expressed their belief that these buildings will be an expression of the quality and excellence championed by and in AUA.


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