Faculty Development

Active Learning Strategies for Faculty

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Active Learning Resource Package

Basic Needs of Students

Why Use Games?

Icebreakers to Start You Off

Group Management Tools

Grouping Cards

Group Roles Generic

Sorting Pairs or Groups

Roles and Responsibilities in Groups

Decision by Consensus

Activity/Games List 

3 B Framework Four Corners


Alligator River Balance Beam
Billboard Assembly Bomb Shield Brainstorming Broken Prototype

Case Study

Building Towers Connect the Dots Create a Rope Dots to Print Dr. Tangle Human Knot
Ever-Shrinking Blanket Fill it Up Finger Shot Gallery Walk Activity Geese
Hula Hoop I've Got Fire Jelly Bean Debrief Jigsaw Lost at Sea

Ungraded Quizzes

Map Quest My Lovely Lemon Name Yes Ombuddies
One Minute Papers Paper Bag Caper Pat on the Back Penny Toss People Bingo
Place Mat Problem Solving Pro Con Grid Quescussion Questions
River Crossing Role Play Spaceship Spider Game Stop Start Continue
Straw Tower Building Suggestion Box Tent Pole The Village Think Pair Share
Tip the Fruit Basket Transition Sequence What Makes You CNS Signature Hunt Guided Analysis
Broken Squares

Broken Squares Template

Lost on the Moon

Moon Exercise

64 Squares

64 Squares Answer Sheet





















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