Master of Chaplaincy

Master of Chaplaincy The Master of Chaplaincy (MChap) degree programme provides basic post-graduate professional preparation for chaplaincy ministries with a broad exposure to other fields of theological study. The MChap programme is intended for those men and women who already have an undergraduate background in ministerial studies and who desire to obtain the basic preparation needed to become professional chaplains. It is also designed to enable practicing pastors/chaplains and intending chaplains to pursue a higher degree.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church operates hundreds of health and educational institutions at all levels in Africa.  These institutions need trained and competent chaplains. Further, the Adventist Church in Africa is active in ministering to Adventist and non-Adventist students in public primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, as well as persons in military and correctional institutions. There are very few certified chaplains serving the church in Africa as Chaplaincy Directors or chaplains where certified chaplains are needed. This programme is therefore intended to respond to the need to train and equip chaplains with the relevant skills needed.

  1. Obtain a knowledge of the nature and content of the Bible, a working methodology for biblical study and interpretation, and a clear formulation and personal integration of the student’s own understanding of the message of the Bible.
  2. Develop competence in the pastoral function, pastoral skills, and knowledge of theology and behavioral science.
  3. Develop the ability to formulate ethical concepts and to apply them in different contemporary life situations.
  4. Reflect on one’s self as a person and pastor in relationship to persons in crisis.
  5. Develop an understanding of the skills for intensive and extensive pastoral counseling to persons of various religious and non-religious backgrounds.
  6. Develop a commitment to a lifelong, intentional process of spiritual development and professional growth.
  7. Grow in the areas related to God’s personal call that requires further development

In addition to the general requirements of the University for admission into the Master of Chaplaincy applicants must: 

  1. Have an undergraduate degree in Theology/Religion with a minimum of 2.5-grade point average (on a 4.0 point scale) or its equivalent.
  2. Have a minimum of 4-full years of experience in pastoral ministry or related profession.
  3. Direct entrants must have a minimum of 3.0-grade point average and fulfill all other admission requirements.
  4. Must request their former universities and employing organizations to send recommendations directly to the AUA Office of Admissions