Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology (MAPTh) is a professional degree programme designed for pastors with experience in the field of ministry, who fulfil diverse ministerial functions of the Church, including various leadership roles which require precise and critical thinking, wise judgment, effective communication abilities, integrity in all actions, and recognition of opportunities for service. It equips the students with appropriate theological knowledge, advanced pastoral skills, and biblical insights to advance the objectives of the Church. Deep spiritual commitment, pastoral formation and ethical orientation are strongly emphasized characteristics of this programme.

Effective ministry demands a solid theological foundation grounded in unchanging biblical doctrines and dynamic methods of an effective presentation. Therefore, this programme helps students formulate and apply biblically sound approaches to ministry and mission and uphold the foundation of a commitment to traditional biblical Christianity in the context of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Africa. It also focuses on an integrated theology and philosophy of faithfulness to God and Scripture, objectivity in research, and integrity in relationships.

The programme seeks to prepare graduates who possess theological knowledge, ethical and spiritual values, communication competence, pastoral skills, and analytical thinking for both ministry and leadership to contribute effectively to their homes, churches, communities, and institutions. Transmitting this foundational biblical heritage—along with an appropriate level of knowledge and skills—forms the essential purpose of the Pastoral Theology Programme at the Adventist University of Africa.

Are you seeking flexible, informative and transformational one-stop theological training? Try the Masters of Arts in Pastoral Theology programme. It strengthens and renews your ministerial call. The programme prepares you to read and understand sections of the Old Testament and New Testament with an appreciation for Church history and application of Biblical principles of leadership to the needs of the local Church.

  1. To develop ministry professionals who manifest the depth of spiritual and theological insights, advanced competency, academic excellence, and professional leadership skills.
  2. To develop ministry professionals with exceptional service in pastoral or organizational ministry leadership within the unique context of the African and global Church.
  3. To help participants acquire knowledge of current issues related to ministry research, engage the discipline of evangelism, church growth, and nurture through sociological and spiritual aspects.
  4. To help participants integrate their spiritual and theological knowledge into the practice of ministry.
  5. To help participants learn to evaluate ministerial practices through theological reflection and a biblical model of servant leadership.
  6. To help participants learn to use appropriate tools to analyse the needs of churches and communities and develop competencies contributing to the strengthening of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  7. To raise the level and effectiveness of the ministers at a time of rapid membership growth in numbers and sophistication.
  8. To help identify excellent pastoral practitioners who are also outstanding students who could be encouraged to consider further studies.


  1. Have a bachelor’s degree in Theology/Religion with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 on a 4-point scale or its equivalent grade of 60%. Applicants with a CGPA of 2.5 to 2.99 or 55% to 59% may be accepted on probation.
  2. Have two Recommendations: One from the local Church Board and one from your previous university or from the employing organization if employed. Submit name, email address and designation of your referees, and AUA admissions will email the link for completing the online recommendation form. The applicant should seek the consent of the referee before submitting their details.
  3. Must demonstrate proficiency in English.

Programme Coordinator: Dr David Odhiambo
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Total Number of Credits: 51
Full Time: 2 years


Course Title


CHMN 670

The Seventh-day Adventist Church Heritage


CHMN 630

Church Leadership and Administration


CHMN 634

Youth Ministry


CHMN 639

Church Growth and the Equipping Pastor


CHMN 640

Church Records Management


CHMN 641

Theology and Practice of Worship


CHMN 667

Health Ministry


CHMN 680

Expository Preaching


CHPH 643

Christian Professional Ethics


CHPH 678

Issues in Science and Religion


GSEM 607

Documentary Research and Writing


GSEM 695

MA in Pastoral Theology Project


MSSN 660

Topics in Mission


NTST 660



OTST 624

Seminar in Old Testament Theology: Pentateuch


THST 610

Revelation, Inspiration, and Hermeneutics


THST 660

Issues in Seventh-day Adventist Theology






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