PhD in Leadership

PhDinLeadershipFirstCohort2017 The PhD in leadership programme intends to equip the reflective practitioners and ground their knowledge to African realities without neglecting the competencies needed for global leadership. It provides an opportunity for those who has a M.A. in Leadership to further develop their skills, knowledge and aptitude as competent leaders. The expected outcome of the learning experience are graduates who will provide effective leadership within their local communities and countries, while being totally comfortable and confident to occupy a position at the global level, if called to do so, in order to enhance the synergy of the Church, the community and society

  • A well-rounded curriculum designed to equip and train leaders without plucking them out of their context, thus combining a unique African perspective with a global one.
  • An educational programme of the highest quality at an affordable price.
  • Exposure to the dynamics of leadership through interaction with well qualified and spiritually committed faculty coming from all over the world.
  • Earning of a recognized degree from a chartered institution.
  • Studying in a modern institution with easy access to the facilities (lecture halls, internet, library, etc.).
  • Furthering the development of research skills to do empirical studies with the aim of building, enhancing and sharing knowledge with both researchers and practitioners
  • Getting an opportunity to develop a network of professionals from all over the world

  1. Organizational Leadership
  2. Business and Not-for-Profit Leadership
  3. Public Health 

Course delivery for the programme is a mixture of blended, face-to-face, and online learning.

  1. A Master’s degree in Leadership or its equivalent with a minimum of 42 semester credits and a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00 (on a 4-point system)
  2. A relevant Master’s degree with a minimum of 42 semester credits and a minimum CGPA of 3.0. In some cases, selected leadership core courses may be required as programme prerequisites/bridging courses
  3. Successful completion of at least six (6) credits of coursework in research and statistics at the postgraduate level. This requirement is in addition to the completed and accepted thesis/project done at the postgraduate level
  4. A statement of purpose, career goals and commitment to academic excellence is required. This statement should be a maximum of five (5) pages, typed, double-spaced. It should be submitted together with the other application materials
  5. Three letters of recommendation are to be submitted with the application materials:
  • One professional recommendation
  • One academic recommendation
  • One character recommendation