Our Services


Circulation: In this section, books loaned out, reserved or checked in back to the library.

Acquisitions: The department in the library responsible for the selection and purchase of the library’s information resources. Acquisition is done in collaboration with faculty and guided by the library’s collection development policy.

User Services: A Library section that offers assistance, advice, and instructions to library patrons. This is the main public service point where all library users must report to for any queries regarding the use of the library resources, from which they are given more directions on where go and what to do.

Current Awareness Service: This service creates awareness of the library’s new collection, or awareness on a particular field of interest for a particular period.

Cataloguing: Library users are able to access bibliographic details of library’s information materials as a result of cataloguing process.

Classification: A section in the library that classifies books according to their subject content using the Library of Congress classification scheme. This ensures books of the same subject are shelved together, and therefore, easy to find.

Inter-library collaboration program: Users from JTL and collaborating libraries are able to access information materials in accordance to the agreed terms of the collaboration.

Sections of JTL

General Section: This section contains books and resources that can be borrowed out by patrons for a stipulated period of time. They are arranged in accordance to the Library of Congress classification scheme.

Reference Section: Contains reference material whose usage is restricted to within the library premises. On special occasions, reference material can be given to patrons for overnight usage.

Periodicals Section: Contain publications and articles that are released on a regular basis regarding various topics of interest to the learners within the university.

Reserve: This section contains books and other resources whose demand is high, but has a limited number. As such, usage is limited to the library, and for a short period of time.

Africana Collection: A section in the library that contains books whose main subject content has emphasis on Africa.

Leadership Collection: Contains information materials on leadership to support the motto of Adventist University of Africa of shaping leaders.

Special Collection: This section contains around 2,000 volumes donated by the VC, Dr. Delbert Baker. Subjects represented include leadership, psychology, religion, biographies, health, counseling, history, management and many more.

Research Collection: Contain research books and research works by AUA alumni, faculty members, and other researchers who wish to have their work availed for research. Resources on this section can be checked out to patrons.