Accommodation and Meals


AUA has four residential apartments with different specifications:

Simba Block: Contains spacious lounges on each floor, and has 3 single rooms per unit that share a toilet and a bathroom. There are a total of 54 such rooms. There is a kitchen space at the ground floor of the building that gives an opportunity for those that may wish to cook. Generally, this block houses students that prefer not to self-cook.

Ndovu Block: Has a total of 24 self-contained rooms that can accommodate 2 occupants per room. There are a total of 8 units, each with 3 rooms, a lounge, dining area, a kitchen, and a washing area.

Chui Block: Made up of 16 single rooms with shared toilet/bathroom facilities. Each unit has two rooms, a lounge, a dining area, a kitchen, and a washing area.

Kifaru Block: Consists of 8 units, with each unit having an ensuite master bedroom, and two other bedrooms with shared toilet/bathroom facilities. It also has an equipped sitting and dining area, a kitchen, and a washing area.

Guesthouses: AUA has guest houses that are used by university guests, and can be used by students and their guests on request.





There are various meal options on the AUA campus:

AUA Cafeteria: In the process of being operationalized.

ECD Cafeteria: Provides buffet meals at fixed rates.

Campus shop/store: Provides a flexible meal plan at a subsidized price, as well as groceries and toiletries that residents of Advent Hill may require.

Self-cooking: Those who wish, can use the available kitchens to prepare their own meals. They however must provide for themselves all cooking equipment that they would require.