Student Lounge


 The Student Lounge is located in the AUA Judith Thomas Library Basement.

Some of the services available are but not limited to: 

  • Word Games: Upward, Scrabble
  • Table Games: Ping Pong
  • Entertainment: Television with DSTv connection 
  • Ball games are available and information to the play ground are available from the Student Services Coordinator. 

StudentLoungePingPong   StudentLoungeScrabble


AUA Souvenirs

Acquire an AUA souvenir cap, executive folder and pen, notepads, key chains, polos, and t-shirts. 

Contact the AUA Marketing team to purchase any of these affordable items at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


polo female grey and blue

Female polos in grey and navy blue. 

t shirt female red grey

Female t-shirts in grey and red. 

 polo male logo collar

Male polos in navy blue and grey; T-shirts in white and grey

cap front face

Embroidered caps 

 key holder

Key chains

folder right side

Executice folders

 stationery folder pen

Scholar's Chapel


0000FindingYourVoice Special Chapel - Finding Your Voice: The George Floyd Incident by Delbert Baker 


God's Assignments by Elder Makhosiwonke Moyo


Week of Spiritual Emphasis by Dr Ron du Preez 

Abraham: Learning to Love the Lost a Lost

Gideon: Learning to Listen to the Lord  

Esau: Lusts will Lead to the Loss of Life

Jacob: Doing God's Will in God's Way

Joseph: Providential Pit-Falls: A Chance to Change 

Balaam: God's Love Persists; Yet Also Permits

Hebrews: Living Loyally for out Loving Lord

Rahab: Ignorance is Ignored: Now Live for the Lord

David: God's Grace for Frequent Offenders

Samson: The Deadly Delusion of Living without the Lord

Jephthah: A Vow, Then a Victory: A Virgin, the Victim!

Miriam: Hur's Hands Versus Her Finger: A Critical Choice 

Judah: The Prodigal Patriarch; With a Hint of Hope 

Judah: God's Gift of Grace: To the Guttermost 

Trumpets Believe EGW: The Forgotten Prophecy of 11th August 1840 


 Week of Spiritual Emphasis by Dr Edward Moyo

Strangers and Sojourners Upon the Earth 

A Door Standing Open for You 

Destined to Save Lives 

Life in a Look 

Walking by Faith 

The Temptation to Rest Prematurely 

Serving with Humility 

Belief in the Unseen 

An Israelite Indeed 

Up from the Pit 

Eyes on the Prize 

Running to Receive a Prize 



 Presentations by Dr Delbert Baker 


Anatomy of Backsliding: How to Avoid Sliding Back Spiritually


The Glory Test: Health Emphasis


 How to Deal with Black Swans in Your Life


What Matters Most in Life by Winfrida Mitekaro 

Set Your Goals Based on Balanced Work-Life (Never Give Up) by Dr Musa Nyakora

Jesus of history or Christ of faith by Dr Davidson Razafiarivony 

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