Scholar's Chapel


0000FindingYourVoice Special Chapel - Finding Your Voice: The George Floyd Incident by Delbert Baker 


God's Assignments by Elder Makhosiwonke Moyo


Week of Spiritual Emphasis by Dr Ron du Preez 

Abraham: Learning to Love the Lost a Lost

Gideon: Learning to Listen to the Lord  

Esau: Lusts will Lead to the Loss of Life

Jacob: Doing God's Will in God's Way

Joseph: Providential Pit-Falls: A Chance to Change 

Balaam: God's Love Persists; Yet Also Permits

Hebrews: Living Loyally for out Loving Lord

Rahab: Ignorance is Ignored: Now Live for the Lord

David: God's Grace for Frequent Offenders

Samson: The Deadly Delusion of Living without the Lord

Jephthah: A Vow, Then a Victory: A Virgin, the Victim!

Miriam: Hur's Hands Versus Her Finger: A Critical Choice 

Judah: The Prodigal Patriarch; With a Hint of Hope 

Judah: God's Gift of Grace: To the Guttermost 

Trumpets Believe EGW: The Forgotten Prophecy of 11th August 1840 


 Week of Spiritual Emphasis by Dr Edward Moyo

Strangers and Sojourners Upon the Earth 

A Door Standing Open for You 

Destined to Save Lives 

Life in a Look 

Walking by Faith 

The Temptation to Rest Prematurely 

Serving with Humility 

Belief in the Unseen 

An Israelite Indeed 

Up from the Pit 

Eyes on the Prize 

Running to Receive a Prize 



 Presentations by Dr Delbert Baker 


Anatomy of Backsliding: How to Avoid Sliding Back Spiritually


The Glory Test: Health Emphasis


 How to Deal with Black Swans in Your Life


What Matters Most in Life by Winfrida Mitekaro 

Set Your Goals Based on Balanced Work-Life (Never Give Up) by Dr Musa Nyakora

Jesus of history or Christ of faith by Dr Davidson Razafiarivony