Student Financial Information


The following student financial information is for new and returning students. 

Fees Information

1. Application Fee

An application fee of US$60 is payable at the time of submission of the application

2. Tuition Fees

a. Masters Programs:

Masters tuition fees differ according to the economic levels of the countries that the students come from. As such the various African countries have been put into 5 tiers. The fees per credit for each tier are as follows:

Tier A* US$40 per credit

Tier B* US$55 per credit

Tier C* US$85 per credit

Tier D* US$110 per credit

Tier E* US$225 per credit

Denominational employees are given a 20% discount on these Master's tuition fees per credit.

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b. Doctoral Programs: For doctoral programs, the fees per credit are as follows for all students:

    • Doctor of Ministry (DMin) US$125 per credit
    • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) US$150 per credit

3. General Fees

Some AUA fees are per session, others are typically once per program and some are only payable when a student has a specific need. They are categorized as such here below.

a. Per Session Fees (Fees that are charged each session/semester which is once per year):

  1. Registration Fee US$75
  2. ICT Fee - Main Campus US$150
  3. ICT Fee – Other Learning Site US$50
  4. Library Fee—Master’s programs US$110
  5. Library Fee—Doctoral programs US$135
  6. Exam Fees US$20
  7. Lab Fees (for MSc in Comp Science) US$100

b. Per Annum Fees

  1. Research Conference Fee US$50
  2. Student Association Fee US$5
  3. Doctorate Dissertation/Project Fee US$300

c. One-Time Fees

  1. Master’s Thesis/Project Fee US$500
  2. Graduation Fee US$400

4. Other Fees and Charges as Applicable

  1. Challenge examination 30% of the tuition credits
  2. Audit credits 50% of the value of tuition
  3. Tuition and Fee Adjustments: Students who withdraw from a class within the first 15% of the contact hours, or before 2 weeks after the beginning of the academic period during which they were to complete an independent study are eligible to receive full tuition and fees for the class(es) withdrawn from.
  4. When a student registers for a class as Audit, the tuition rate for that class is 50% of the regular rate, but all other fees apply.
  5. Publication in AUA Journals US$25

5. Books

Students must purchase their own prescribed textbooks. It is advised that students budget approximately US$400 per semester for books.

6. Student Housing and Meals

Students studying at AUA typically travel to one of the campuses for the study session and may have a variety of options, depending on the location. Due to the wide variability in costs and the fact that different instructional locations charge differently, the Registrar’s office will provide every student with an updated price list for that year and location for accommodation and meals.

a. Accommodation at AUA

At the AUA campus, the hostel charges are nightly (according to the length of occupation as follows:

    1. Double room shared by two occupants: US$10 per night
    2. Single room (one student in the room): US$15 per night
    3. En-suite room US$20 per night

N.B. If the student brings his or her own bedding, the rates above are all US$2.50 less per night.

b. Meal Costs at AUA

Meals on campus are US$4.50 per meal. However, hostel residents shall receive complimentary lunch.

Student Finance Policies

1. Requirements for Financial Clearance for Registration

  1. Upon receiving the invoice from AUA, a student must pay the invoiced fees by the deadline indicated on the invoice through any of the available channels as stated on the invoice.
  2. Denominationally sponsored students can be cleared on the basis of a signed and stamped Division Financial Clearance Form from their respective Division Treasury - authorizing AUA to send the charge through denominational channels or committing to transfer the said fees to AUA by a given date. It is the responsibility of the Student to obtain the signature and stamp from the Division Treasury.
  3. At least 50% of the total fees must be paid before the student can be registered for the session and the balance must be cleared before the end of the calendar.
  4. A student who has arrears from the prior session will be required to clear those arrears and also pay 50% of the next session’s total fees before they can be cleared for registration.
  5. A student who does not pay all the fees upfront must submit a payment plan for the outstanding balance. This will be done by completing a Student Payment Plan form which will be availed by the Student Finance Office. Such a plan must be in harmony with these Student Finance Policies and the students will be expected to honour the plan.
  6. A student who failed to honour a prior payment plan will no longer be allowed to submit payment plans. He or she must pay their fees in full upfront.
  7. Early Payment Discount: Students who pay all the semester’s fees before the start of each semester, will receive a 5% discount on the tuition fees.
  8. Interest at a rate of 1% per month will be levied on all accounts older than 90 days.

2. Project/Thesis/Dissertation Registration

  1. Prior to registration, a student will receive an invoice for his or her project/thesis/dissertation.
  2. This must be paid for in full before the student can register. Letters from Divisions authorizing the sending of charges are also acceptable.
  3. A student desiring to make a payment plan must pay at least 50% and complete the payment plan form. The outstanding balance must be cleared before the student can be allowed to defend.
  4. The Registry and Deans will be expected to ensure that such financial clearance is in place before facilitating project/thesis registration and allowing students to embark on their project/thesis/dissertation.

3. Defense

  1. Before a student is allowed to defend his or her project or thesis, the student must be financially cleared.
  2. At this stage, financial clearance will only be given to those who have paid all relevant fees to that point, including defence fees.
  3. There shall be no payment plans acceptable at this stage.

4. Graduation

  1. Graduation fees must be paid in full before a student can be put on the graduation list.
  2. No payment plans will be accepted for graduation fees.


Students can apply for merit scholarship. The Adventist University of Africa has two scholarship funds, namely:

  1. The Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarship Fund
  2. The Baker Worthy Student Scholarship Fund

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How to Make Payments

There are several options that one can use to make a payment to AUA.

1. Debit or Credit Card Swipe

Students who are physically on campus can make payments using their debit or credit cards by going to the cashier’s office and swiping.

2. Bank Transfers and Cash Deposits

The following bank details can be used to remit fees to AUA:
a. Prime Bank USD Account
A/C No: 3001041700
A/C Branch: Riverside Drive
Swift Code: PRIEKENX

b. Equity Bank USD Account
Bank Code: 068
Branch Code: 061
Bank Branch: Equity Branch - Ongata Rongai
ACC No: 0610269069037
Swift Code: EQBLKENA

c. Equity Bank KES Account
Bank Code: 068
Branch Code: 061
Bank Branch: Equity Branch - Ongata Rongai
A/C No: 0610294951743
Swift Code: EQBLKENA
Paybill number: 247247

d. Ecobank USD Account
Bank Code: 043
Branch Code: 024
A/C Name: Adventist University of Africa
A/C No: 6670000139
Bank Swift Code: ECOCKENA
Paybill Number: 203896

e. Ecobank KES Account
Bank Code: 043
Branch Code: 024
A/C Name: Adventist University of Africa
A/C No: 6670000030
Bank Swift Code: ECOCKENA
Paybill Number: 203896

3. Mobile Money (M-Pesa)

To use mobile money to make payments to AUA, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to M-PESA menu on your phone
  2. Go to Lipa na M-PESA, PayBill option
  3. Enter the AUA's business number which is 203896
  4. Where it asks for “account number,” enter the purpose for the payment e.g. Hostel, Library, Fees, etc.
  5. Enter amount
  6. Enter M-PESA pin
  7. SMS confirmation will be received on your phone

4. Online Payments

AUA uses PayPal for online payments. You can pay from your PayPal account or your Debit/Credit card account. It must be noted, however, that for using this service, PayPal will deduct a charge ranging between 4% and 7% of the payment amount, depending on the amount.

Use the panel on the right of this page to make your online payment. 

5. Inter-Denominational Transfers

Students who work for the SDA church in any part of the world field can arrange with their respective Treasurer or Chief Financial Officer to have credit memos sent through denominational channels to AUA for their fees. Since memos between denominational organizations sometimes take a while, such arrangements must be done well in advance before the financial clearance period.

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